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Mens Shed

Men’s Shed Welcome

Story of the Men’s Shed

Men’s Shed Principals
The Woodworking Shed opened in April 2010 followed by the Metal Shed in February 2013.

While the Shed is the initiative P.I.R.S.L. there is no requirement to be a member of the R.S.L. and is open to men of all ages. There are no prerequisite skills required to become a member of the Shed.  The Shed is open to men of all ages and there are no prerequisite skills required to become a member of the Shed.

The Shed is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9.30 to noon.

A recent addition to the woodworking Shed is a ducted dust extraction system. This has dramatically reduced the amount of dust that otherwise would be floating around the Shed.

The Shed like many more across the length and breadth of Australia provide men, particularly retired men, the opportunity of coming together to participate in a wide and diverse range of projects.

While the bulk of the projects undertaken by the Shed require the use of power tools, of which the Shed has a vast array, some projects only need sanding and painting.

The Shed membership consists of men , who during their working life have been employed in various disciplines e.g. Professional, Industrial, Trade etc. This mix provides the opportunity for men to pass on to others their individual knowledge and skill.

The Shed has become involved with a number of community groups e.g. Cowes Primary School and Early Learning Centre, Newhaven College, P.I.N.P., Off Shore Theatre Company, P.I.C.A.L. and others.

Projects undertaken with or for these groups include the manufacture of small tool boxes, bird nesting boxes, penguin boxes, stage props etc.

Members are encouraged to bring their own projects to the Shed where they can either work alone on them or seek help from another member.

While it is not the intent of the Shed to take work away from local business, community members are welcome to request the Shed to assist them with repairs to furniture etc, much of the work the Shed has undertaken since opening their door has been repairing furniture etc.

If you are sitting at home with time to spare, and no “shed to play in”,  why not call into the Shed to see what we do.

Terry Heffernan. 03 59526955, 0438808428.

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Men’s Shed Mission

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