Notice of AGM


To be held on – MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2020

Commencing at 9.30am

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Phillip Island RSL Sub – Branch Inc. shall be held on Monday 7th September 2020 commencing at 9.30am via digital platform for the purpose of conducting business as set out in Rule: 22A (b) of the RSL Rules.

  • To confirm the minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and of any General Meeting held since that meeting;
  • To receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of the RSL during the last preceding financial year;
  • To declare the results of a ballot if required for the members of the Committee in accordance with these rules;
  • To receive and consider the audited financial statement submitted by the RSL in accordance to the relevant legislation;
  • To appoint an Auditor of the Sub – Branch
  • Transaction of other business in which notice has been given or which the Chairperson deems important to be dealt with.
  • Committee annual honorarium to be set.


Phillip Island RSL

17th August 2020